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The 10,000 US$ Flight Training Challenge

Here is a question for you: What is the number one reason that stops enthusiastic learners for flight training from actually going through with their plans to obtain their flight license? Is it time? Is it lack of dedication? Or is it money?
Lets just say, judging by the many registered users of this site, who spend significant time in doing the PLL and other flight test questions, it does not appear to be the former two reasons. And looking at the nature of many of the e-mails we receive, there is a high proportion of e-mails asking for help in funding individual flight training.

That is the reason why we at have decided to launch a special challenge for all you aspiring pilots out there who want to take their flight training to the next level – the “10,000 US$ Flight Training Challenge”.

So here is another kind of question for you: Are YOU enthusiastic about flying yourself? Are YOU dedicated in your training to take to the skies? If it is yes on all counts – here comes your chance to grab 10,000 US$ and fly!

Well, the challenge consists of getting as many of the 25 questions from the FAA PPL Airplane knowledge database answered correctly in as little time as you can.

The questions are exactly in the same format as the ones you can find in the free Pilot Test Exams Home on the right hand sidebar of this page (actually, they are the same questions - so, let me suggest - unless you are a natural born pilot genius - get some free training rounds in before you actually take the challenge - just make sure you reserve your seat on the challenge first - remember, seats are very limited).

There is a predetermined and strictly limited number of tickets on this challenge. Once all tickets are gone, we will determine the winner and notify him on the e-mail he has used to register with our site.

Make no mistake about it - this is not a game of luck. We are not giving the money away easily. You'll have to compete for it. If that is not your thing, go play the lottery! But you should know that the chances of winning the lottery are as low as 175 million to one. The tickets for the "10,000 US$ Flight Training Challenge" on the other hand are strictly limited (and so is the pool of questions that you will encounter - and heck, you can train for the challenge for free at the pilots test exams home).

Obviously the number of correct answers will have a big influence on your chances to win the challenge. You don't necessarily have to get them all right, but you should get as many or more questions right as your fellow challengers.

There are other factors that determine your chance of winning - time to completion being one of them. We have also included a sophisticated algorithm to make sure that the black sheep that are trying to cheat get nowhere. (For perhaps understandable reasons we are not going into details about that one here.)

Important hint: There is another way to win with the challenge if you don't happen to be the best. It is with the referral scheme. For participating you have to encourage two or more friends to take the challenge themselves (there is actually a trivia based version of this challenge for your non-pilot friends).

For the referral scheme to work, you have to enter the e-mail of the person who has referred you in the section "Has someone referred you?". If the people who you have referred enter the e-mail you have used to register, you qualify for a 1,500 US$ draw associated to the challenge.

So make sure you instruct your friends to use your e-mail when entering the challenge themselves.

Your benefits as an enthusiastic pilot are twofold:

First, you get free knowledge training in all aspects of the FAA PPL Airplane syllabus. So you are either a big step further on your way to become a pilot or if you are a seasoned pilot already, you get to test how good your knowledge really is.

Second, if you win the challenge you walk away with a 10,000 US$ cash prize that you can use on your practical training. This should be enough to get you to an experience level where you are able to pass the practical exams hands down or again if you an experienced pilot already will help you to further your next steps in advancing your pilots skills.

Plus, if you refer two or more friends to take up the challenge, you enter the draw for another 1,500 US$ cash prize.

So in short, you can win in many ways.

Each of the limited number of tickets costs 10 US$.

Remember buying a ticket will get you two chances of winning: The big cash pot for winning the challenge and/or the referral scheme that gives you a chance of winning 1,500 US$ independent of your performance at the challenge. Make sure you check the details for this one under "What are my chances to win?"

If you are ready to take the challenge, click the orange button below. Once you bought the ticket you can take the challenge anytime. Remember the tickets are limited. Make sure you log in for taking the challenge and allow enough time to finish it in one go.
Alternatively, if you want to improve your skills to get ready for the challenge, click the blue button below. The training on the PPL Airplane knowledge is completely free.
You wanna grab 10,000 US$? Earn it by doing some training.

Buy a 10 US$ ticket and take the challenge.

Get a chance to win a 1,500 US$ prize independent of your score on the challenge by referring two or more friends.

So two chances to win for 10$. The odds are exceptionally good, in fact the more you put into your training, the better your chances of succeeding as a pilot. So you win anyway.


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