PPL Challenge 3

Challenge Three

Award: Garmin D2™ Bravo

This challenge is using questions from the FAA PPL Airplane exam database.

Test structure

The test consists of 25 Questions drawn randomly from a pool of over 700 questions. Only one of the answers is correct. Selecting the answer will advance immediately to the next question (i.e., you cannot correct the answer later). If you don’t know the answer, you can skip the question by hitting the “Next” button.


You will have 15 minutes to finish the challenge. The timer will start after you hit the “Start Challenge!” button below and stop after you hit “Submit” on the last question. The time taken will not bear on the score, but it will be taken into account for determining the winner of the challenge.


You will gain 1 point per correct answer.
You will lose 1 point per incorrect answer.

Challenge conditions

In order to participate in the challenge, you’ll have to fill in your details below or log in and pay the fee for the participants seat. The participants seats in the challenge are strictly limited. You can take part in the challenge as often as you wish and thereby possibly improve your result. Every additional participation is using up another participants seat. The challenge is skill based, so taking part in the same challenge is not improving you chances of winning unless you improve your result. If that is not what you want – choose another challenge.
The winner is determined on the basis of the score and the time taken to finish the challenge. In the event of two or more participants sharing best results, they will be invited to compete again (free of charge) until one comes out best. Only after one winner has emerged the price will be awarded.

Get an additional chance of winning by referrals

If you refer a minimum of two friends, you will be entered into a draw for an additional price – a Frederique Constant E-Strap, turning any analog watch into a smart watch. Here you can win independent of your performance in the challenge. Your e-mail address for entering this draw is saved automatically when you enter the challenge. If you have been referred yourself, enter the e-mail address of your referrer in the form below to give your referrer a chance to enter the draw.

Entering this challenge by hitting the “Start Challenge!” button below you accept the Terms and Conditions that apply to Universal Challenges! Make sure you have read them before entering.

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