10k Trivia Challenge

Enter this challenge for a chance to win 10,000 US$!

Challenge description:

You have to answer a number of trivia questions from various knowledge areas and thereby enter a competition for the price.

The number of people allowed to take part in the challenge is stricly limited. This increases your chances of winning the challenge dramatically, compared to the lottery for instance. Other than in games of luck, like the lottery, your skill can improve your chances of winning even more.

Answer all the questions to the best of your knowledge. You earn points for each correctly answered question. You loose points for each incorrect answer.

From all the participants in the challenge, potential winners get shortlisted for the award. Ultimately the winner is determined from the shortlist on the basis of score and time to complete the challenge.

In the unlikely event of two or more contestants to share the same highscore and the same completion time, they will be invited to another round (free of charge) in a run-off challenge.

May the best win.

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